Diverse Customers

Retailers & Malls

Impressions are everything for the high volume visitors to these often landmark locations. From first impression when entering, till the cleanliness of the restrooms, all have to be impeccable. TFM’s integrated services package can support you to deliver a first rate shopping experience for all your visitors. We think with you to account for seasonally fluctuating visitors numbers. Our flexibility to adjust our service offering to match your changings needs, allows you to optimize your cost vs. visitors ratio. For some we do not service their malls, but the Mall management is entrusting us with their headquarters, and offices.

Oil & Gas / Industrial

This type of cleaning often is needed in hazardous areas in industrial facilities such as factories, warehouses, and other types of industrial facilities. It requires on the job site-specific training, and learning all about safety. There might be special equipment for an industrial cleaner to use, or specific chemicals to use in doing their jobs. We ensure our staff are always protected by taking the proper safety measures. Then there are challenges of working around the heavy machinery and the safety risks that are involved, such as paints, lubricants, metal shavings. Or machinery sensitive to things like dust and dirt, and cleaning them will be essential. Another big challenge when cleaning industrial sites is the staffing areas. Factory workers will often get dirty, and contaminate locker rooms and cafeterias. Good housekeeping scheduling is essential to plan for peak traffic times in the staffing areas


of course, all companies have offices. A clean, well functioning workspace allows our clients to focus on what they do best: Achieve business successes for their organization. TFMunderstands these needs, and our service is designed to provide their staff and often V.I.P. visitors a comfortable experience.,TFM has been at the forefront of high quality customer-centric cleaning concepts in Facility Services in Egypt. We deploy these concepts in strategic partnerships with leading Egyptian and International companies, supporting them with Pest Control, Building Maintenance, and cleaning.

Consumer Products

Food & Beverages production sites & warehouses require close cooperation with our clients’ Quality Departments, and demands our strict adherence to agreed cleaning products, pesticides and where exactly to use which to avoid any crosscontamination. We understand the risk of having to scrap an entire batch of products. Moreover, our on-site supervision, aided by our training team will focus more on personal hygiene of our workers at such locations. We provide all the warm clothing, if work inside the cooling rooms is required. We have also done food ingredients storage tanks cleaning, planned to be executed in a safe way, that passed laboratory swab testing. For Coca Cola we service all their facilities in all governorates in Egypt.

Medical / Pharmaceutical

  • Afast growing market, where quality and above all hygiene is of business critical importance.
  • We are always on the lookout for cross-contamination situations, and we create training modules, specifically for this purpose.
  • Our staff are trained to recognize safety hazards, because of the presence of biohazard waste, dangerous raw materials, medications.

Real Estate Services Management

  • Trend for multinationals is looking for 1 party to manage all their facilities all over the world.

(Semi-) Governmental & Education

  • Governmental entities are becoming important clients for TFM. We notice an increase in demand from the public sector for the same service level as is custom in the private sector.
  • We serve Menoufia University, American School of Languages and Al-Azhar University.