Corporate Social Responsibility

Together towards a sustainable future.
Care for our stakeholders, community and planet is at the core of who we are. In everything we do, we strive for long term partnerships to achieve our common goal of a sustainable future. A decrease in the usage of electricity, water fossil fuels, and chemicals isn’t better for the environment, but also provides major cost savings, as the prices in Egypt are rising rapidly. Through monitoring, and implementing resources savings measures System One can support our clients to achieve their targets. Small investments to introduce waste recycling into our workplaces will help to make employees proud of their company. More and more clients & investors consider the “greenness” of a company in their consumption or investment choices.

Machine Maintenance Department

This department has managed to minimize down time of machines to an absolute minimum.
This is top priority within TFM, because we understand the central role these machines play in the cleaning process.
Through our own in-house maintenance team we can perform emergency and preventative maintenance tasks either in our own workshop or on-site.

Warehouse & Logistics

From our central warehouse, we are capable to supply all our sites through our own vehicles fleet. Because of this strength, we are also able to offer our clients the possibility to order a wide range of housekeeping related products at competitive prices.

Our staff & Product

Our staff is fully and continuously trained to be courteous, prompt, and efficient. We maintain the proper skills and techniques to perform superb and detailed service tasks. Proudly. All of our products and equipment are some of the very best and latest in the market. We are also open to our customer’s specific requests to use certain products. We make our customers’ satisfaction our first concern.

Management & communication

Individual account representatives are assigned to each client for personalized service. TFM management will customize services to meet our clients’ needs. Our customer service and management is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies and will respond immediately to our valued clients’ needs. In our internal and client communication IT plays a vital role. All management, including areamanagers have individual emailaccounts on their laptops. Sitemanagers are equipped with tablets. And all supervisors, and team leaders have smart phones. By using the latest communication devices all our operational leaders are instantly contactable, ensuring a prompt, and coordinated response to all situations.

Security & Fire Safety

We provide your facility with:
• Monitored Sensors
• Door & Window
• Motion Monitoring
• Temperature Monitoring
• Flood Monitoring
• Video Surveillance
• Security Cameras
• Video Storage
• Business Automation
• Smart Plugs